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  • I didn’t grow up loving cars, but when the bug finally hit, it took me by storm. I make my living writing about them, and I spend much of my spare time playing with them.

    I’m a freelance writer and a member of the Automobile Journalists of Canada. My regular outlets include new-car reviews and special-interest articles for National Post and its website; new-car reviews and features for; features for Automotive News Canada; articles on antique cars for Old Autos Newspaper; and articles in the industry trade magazines Collision Management, Fleet Digest and Tire News. You can still find my work at, where I wrote reviews and features, and was the Assistant Editor. For almost three decades, I wrote for the Toronto Star's Wheels section, and also contributed to the newspaper Metro.

    But I’m more than just cars: I also write about food and drink, travel, pen collecting, celebrity interviews and pets, among others. My work has appeared in such publications as Sharp For Men, Maclean's, Harrowsmith Country Life, Pen World, Dogs In Canada, Gambit, Where New Orleans, Rural Delivery and Writer’s Journal.

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